Fresh, Fun, Luxurious, Vibrant & Skin Nourishing...

Our products go beyond aesthetic, they are thoughtfully made with simple, gentle yet high quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers in Canada & USA. They are Vegan friendly, Cruelty free & contain no SLS or any unnecessary fillers to ensure you get all the skin loving benefits of each ingredients.

We also use skin safe water soluble dyes, lake pigments & micas for colorants, biodegradable (plastic free) glitters for embellishments as well as Phthalate & Paraben free fragrances.

Weather you're looking for a relaxing body treats for yourself, or for your family & friends, we offer wide variety of products for every season or special celebration.

Check out this unboxing video from @Mamamittens follow her YouTube Channel to see some of our product demos!!